The Best Time To Travel to Ireland


It is travel season again, and it is time to consult with the Irish Travel Bureau for your next holiday. Ireland is one of the great countries that has history as well as lush vegetation that can provide adventures for all. People who are not afraid of chilly wind and high waves can take advantages of the beautiful coastline that is worth a glimpse in spring, summer as well as fall. Although most people don’t consider Ireland a holiday destination, as it is far from tropical; the gorgeous island has a character that is unlike any other and worth a trip over a long weekend, or for a nice week of golf.

Interesting Things to Do in Spring

Since St.Patricks day is on March 17th, it is a good date to travel to the island. The national holiday is a favorite, and is very much celebrated throughout the whole country. The clover, the Irish flag, tons of beer and leprechauns are to be found marching in parades on the streets as well as in pubs. Not soon after the celebration of the four clovers, the plentiful easter traditions begin. From egg rolling to chick-chasing, there is much fun for all to enjoy, no matter what age they may be. Finally May day rolls around and people can enjoy the leisure time that Ireland provides, with enough golfing space and ranges to explore on every day of the week. This is an island that can combine a fun-adventure-filled vacation with a relaxing edge that is suitable for families as well as solo travellers.

Summertime Brings The Best Weather on the Island

Day-tours during summer are a great way to get acquainted with the island’s history. The cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry and the Burren are just some of the must-see natural wonders and ruins during summer. There are countless more castles on the island with monasteries as well as old ruins that are best visited with a guide. Unless you are a person who prefers the indoors, these places will combine the fascinating historical sights with the gorgeous coastline that borders the island and really makes a deep impact on anyone who visits the town. By the time you see all of the famous spots, there will be just enough time to enjoy a round of golf on internationally praised courses.



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