Exotic adventures and tours to the Angel Falls in Venezuela

Exotic adventures

Whenever any tourist visits Venezuela, the sights and beauty of the landscape here is sure to take his breath away. Such is the visual treat here that travellers coming here go back with a fascinating travel kitty. Amidst this, the Angel Falls here takes the cake and is a must see in tours in Venezuela.

Visit the lovely region of Venezuela, and enjoy the sights of the beautiful Angel Falls. Today this is amongst the greatest adventure destinations in this part of the Venezuelan region. With the water falling freely from a height of around 979 metres, the river Churum only makes the experience even more enjoyable. Running across the edge of the “auyantepuy” this is incidentally the largest Table Mountain in the Canaima region of Venezuela. Due to this great height it is called the highest waterfall in this entire world.

The Angel Falls is actually 15 times higher than the Niagara Falls and measures around 52 metres. The fall has been named after the adventurous enthusiast Jimmy Angel who is also an accomplished pilot from the Missouri region of the United States of America. It is said that James Crawford Angel or Jimmy Angel is a legend of the modern times. He actually spotted the waterfall the first time in the year 1933 when he was searching for the McCracken River of Gold. He then came back here in the year 1937 accompanied by Gustavo Henry Gardener, his friend and also his wife. Here they had an emergency landing on the Auyantepuy. This airplane was then taken down only after 33 years by a helicopter. Jimmy Angel explored this civilization for around 11 days and thus gave to the world a wonderful travel destination. Today plane that Jimmy Angel landed in has been kept in the Aviation Museum in Maracay and a replica has been placed on top of the Auyantepuy for the tourists.

Also the fact that the Canaima National Park is very much a part of these falls makes a tour here very exciting and extremely adventurous. With the right combination of magical illusions and real experiences, the breathtaking view of the Tepuys mountains and the innumerable rivers has made this entire place a lovely paradise. With the other waterfalls, savannahs, forests and the lovely ambience, all the tourists simply find this a greatly enchanting and an immensely fascinating destination in this part of the world.

With the best collection of the most varied forms of animals, plants and nature, this is indeed a fantastic place to be in and an ideal travel destination for all those who wish to experience something different. The experience of the natives of the place with their lovely culture, folklore, art and also the ancient forms of cuisine could be described as the ideal things to feel here.

The Canaima National Park is situated a little near the south western part of Venezuela and has the graceful River Orinoco in the Gran Sabana municipality of the state of Bolivar. This was declared as a national park in the year 1962. This was mainly designed to preserve the nature around and the ambience here. Spanning around 3 million hectares and being the second largest protected area, in this part of Venezuela and the sixth in the entire world. The park has two parts the West and the East. This is home to the highest waterfall the Angel Falls. The spectacular sights and the immensely attractive beauty is what attracts people to this part of the world. So enjoy the sights of the sandy beaches here and also the lagoon experiences.

Tours to Angel Falls are normally had by flying to Puerto Ordaz or the Santa Elena de Uarien which is the last village in this part of southern Venezuela. This is around 20 minutes from the Brazilian border. Here you could also reach the place which is the oldest place in the planet and see the beautiful land, the wildest animals and the most naturally beautiful regions. Ecotourism is a part of this lovely travel experience so come here and enjoy al such tours and all those experiences which make tours to this part of South America greatly cherishable.

With all this in tow, it is not surprising that Angel Falls is one of the most favorable destinations in Venezuela.


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