Best Camping Places in India in Summer


India is a land of diversity. When it’s about the diverse nature of the nation, there are several other things besides diverse culture, diverse religions, and diverse traditions that make India known to be so. One among them is the diverse territorial heritage. Where individuals work day and night to earn their living and suffer from extreme stress, India brings to them the best camping places to relax in. A little bit of adventure in life makes you ready for the next morning. Though there are many alternatives that you can choose from for planning your camping, there are few of them that serve to be the best camping places in India in summer. These include camping sites from camping in Rishikesh to camping in Munnar.

Sangla Valley

This is one of the best camping places in India in summer. The valley in the Trans-Himalayan region offers a scenic view of the place, which becomes the driving force for tourists to visit it. Besides helping you to relax in the lap of Nature, the Sangla valley also helps you to beat the heat of summers. One of the adventure spots of the region is a place called Kaza, which is a must visit for tourists and travelers.


The Magie Camp in the Chopta region will drive you towards itself as you know the features the place exhibits. Stored safely in the Garhwal Mountains, Chopta makes you relax and feel the cool weather even during the extreme summers. This is what makes it one of the best camping places in India in summer. The view of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys is a visual retreat for tourists. Hence, it is recommended to you to definitely visit the place for fun and adventure in the summers.


As soon as you reach Dehradun, you enter the world of natural beauty. Twenty-five kilometers from the town of Chakrata in Dehradun is located the Camp Room on the Roof. The name is enough to suggest how wonderful the camping would be for adventure enthusiasts. This is one of the best camping places in India in summer as it offers you an opportunity to enjoy activities like rafting in the River Yamuna, mountain biking, and mountaineering all at a single destination.


When it’s about relaxing and having a stress-free vacation, what can be a better place than Rishikesh? Entering the city itself will give you a feeling of peace. Rishikesh valley camping is an experience for life. The tents are unique in appearance as they are styled in hermit fashion based on the nature of the city itself. Apart from having memorable adventure experience, you also get ayurvedic spas and the special elephant rides that remain in your memory forever.


Though the best time for camping in Munnar is from October to March, you can still give it a chance in summers. It won’t disappoint you even then. You can opt for camping in the heights of Cliff Hut or at the Periyar Tiger Reserve or in the Wayanad district. Whichever place you choose for camping, it will serve your needs even better than the best.

Chrysalid Junga

Less popular but the heart of Shimla is the Chrysalid Junga when it comes to camping. This is the best adventurous place to visit with friends and family. The pine and oak trees all around freshen you up after the journey. The days seem cooler in the region in summer. Hence, if you’re planning to visit some interesting place during your kid’s summer vacation, this is one of the best camping places in India in summer.

Besides the above-mentioned best camping places in India in summer, few others that will be of great attraction to you are Chandra Taal Lake, Sonamarg, and Kolli Hill. No matter which place you choose for camping in summer, all the places will serve to be the best blend of culture and adventure, which will thereby offer you an everlasting impression to fall for. So guys, keep off all doubts and plan your visit. The summer vacation of your kids is not too far, after all. Then why delay the booking. Check in the for the best camping places in India in summer. Have a safe journey!!!


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