How to Track Reward Points on a Credit Card?


Credit Cards are extensively used by the millennial generation owing to their range of benefits. The ease of using a credit card for routine spending is undeniable. Whether you are shopping or eating at the trendiest restaurant or booking air tickets, the benefits of a credit card are enormous.

The survey conducted by TransUnion Cibil reported that 57% of the urban Indian consumers use a credit card on everyday spending, and 19% have recently applied for it. With these numbers, we can safely say that India is moving towards digitization era, and there are various important points that the consumers need to know.

Reward points – an important component of a credit card

Every credit card offers reward points that serve as an incentivizing tool. One of the best reward systems is a miles card that makes travelling hassle-free and easy. We all know that a majority of the credit card holders in India hail from urban areas opt for frequent air travel. A credit card, backed with the miles points, makes travel a rewarding experience. Apart from that, a holder gets a reward for

  • Shopping for a particular amount.
  • Booking the air tickets.
  • Refilling the petrol from the nominated petrol pumps.
  • Eating from particular food outlets.

How to earn reward points?

You can accumulate reward points when you swipe your card for making a purchase, buying a ticket, or paying a bill. Every time the card is swiped, you will be credited with certain reward points depending upon the type of card that you own. You can then redeem reward points towards attractive offers, deals, or free purchases.

How to track reward points?

You can track the reward points of your credit card in several ways. These include

  • Checking your credit card statement.
  • Sending an SMS from a registered mobile number
  • Checking the reward points online- It will provide you a clear data of summary of reward points, its expiration date, and a lot more.
  • Logging into the credit card mobile app.

How to redeem reward points?

The credit card holder can redeem the reward points by filling the rewards redemption form or using Net Banking mode, as it easy and convenient to use. Moreover, it safe and secure way to redeem the points. Do read the terms and conditions before redeeming the points.

Various banks also offer an option to buy the products partly by paying through the redemption points, and the remaining amount using the credit card. This option is available for certain credit cards only. So, it is better to check and ask about the same.


Credit cards are definitely a wonderful tool to budget your expenses. Hence, it is important to select a tool that rewards you well. Find the credit card that offers the best returns. While there are some credit cards that promise you a wide range of benefits, but a true one stands out and speaks for itself. It helps you to enjoy the benefits, discounts, and extra bonuses. So, think whether your credit card is offering you all of this.


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