Things You Must Know Before You Plan Your Visit To Russia


Touring can be a tremendously fun activity. And if you are selecting the most thrilling, beautiful and culturally rich destination, Russia then your next vacations are going to become memorable for the rest of your life. Yes! Russia is not only the world’s largest country but it has a lot more that makes it a worth visiting place. When you plan to visit any country, for the first time then there are many points and things that you must consider before time. Internet has made planning vacations and getting the entire trip planed and finalized before even starting off traveling towards that destination. is the source that would not only plan and arrange your next trip to Russia, but will also make it possible that you get most out of your days you will stay there. Just have a look at the following things that you must never forget.

  1. Do you need a visa:

Countries which are not a part of former SovietUnion, will have to take visas in order to enter Russia. The process of getting visas is quite straightforward but it is necessary to have an invitation from a Russian or from any of the authorized tourism company.

  1. Keep a phrasebook:

In Russian language becomes a barrier for the visitors. You will find hardly anyone who could understand and communicate in English. Therefore, it is better to keep a phrasebook with you so that it becomes easier for you to talk and understand Russian people. Fortunately, you will see menus in English.

  1. Public transport:

Public transport is the best way to roam around the cities in the most comfortable way. The transports that are equipped with subways are the best options to choose from. You may not find any transporting personals speaking in English. Therefore, you will have to follow the subway maps carefully so that you do not miss out any of your transport. Moreover, you will have to understand the system of subways so that you do not find any problem in buying the tickets and using the subway maps.

  1. Pack your luggage sensibly:

Most of the people think that it is always freezing cold throughout the year. It is actually not true. There are also times when there is extreme hot and humid weather in cities like St Petersburg. Therefore, you must check out the weather conditions online so that you could take appropriate clothes with you. When snow falls during winters, it melts in less time making everything slippery and wet. Therefore, you must take appropriate footwear with you, especially when you are intending to a lot of walking during your trip.

  1. Acquaintance with cuisine:

Russia is known for its variety of tastes and flavors in food. Russian cuisine has a distinct taste. Try to order something that does not put you in a shock or surprise. If you are going to restaurants in the main city, then you will get to take help from English speaking waiters but if you will go to the restaurants located at streets and are traditionally Russian ones, then you may end up ordering something that would not suit your tastebuds.


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