Travelling During Monsoon Season


It’s not exactly the Winter break you’d expect to book when travelling to Southeast Asia but the Monsoon Season can be a budget lover’s dream. Yes, you may think that the wet weather means you’ll be spending all of your holiday indoors, where at least you’ll be enjoying some delicious pan-Asian cuisine, but hold your horses. That’s not entirely true.

It doesn’t rain constantly (that would be just awful), so there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself with a few days of dry weather here and there. The weather in general isn’t as predictable as it once was but a lot of the rainfall actually occurs in the afternoon. Perfect if you’re an early riser!

Fewer Tourists

The weather varies quite vastly, according to the countries. When it’s hot in Bali, it’s probably raining heavily in Malaysia. The majority of them though, expect rainfall during October. A lot of holidaymakers therefore, will avoid monsoon season because no one really likes the idea of sight-seeing in the rain. That means there will be less tourists, which also means shorter queues for attractions and less of your photographs ruined by passersby.

Cheaper Travel

With less tourists comes cheaper flights and travel options. Businesses are often more likely to offer hefty discounts to those making the trip out of season. Restaurants will be quieter, unlike the best restaurants in West Hampstead who thrive on a rainy day. So, there’ll be plenty of places to eat, with plenty of Thai cuisine to choose from.

It is worth noting that some businesses do have seasonal opening times so you may have less choice in some areas. Moreover, you’ll need to factor in the potential construction work that takes places over this period in preparation for the high seasons that are expected in November and December.

More Availability

During this quieter period, you can choose to be a little more flexible with when and where you travel, which can provide a great opportunity to explore new places you wouldn’t have looked at during the busier months of the year.

More accommodation availability also works well for last minute travellers, who can just show up on the day, rather than booking in advance. So that’s another valid excuse for a quick getaway.

Get to Know the Locals

Travelling during the low season also opens up more opportunity to have a more personalised experienced with the locals of the area. During peak seasons, this might not always be possible but when there’s very little tourism around, locals will likely have more time for a chat about what to see and do. Locals to the area will also know of all the hidden gems that you’d otherwise miss out on.

The monsoon season may seem like a nightmare for some, but it can actually prove to be a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a stunning travel destination whilst saving a lot of money and hassle. But if a holiday isn’t on the cards for you just yet and you’re after the taste of Asia a little closer to home, Banana Tree has you sorted for the best in modern Asian cuisine.


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