What Is the Job of Someone Who is An Adventure Tour Guide


Somebody who is lucky enough to be an adventure tour guide is a person who has been professionally trained and then hired to take care of and guide travellers through assigned areas while they are on an adventure holiday.

Such a guide might work independently or normally as part of a tour guide agency. The job of being an adventure tour guide means working alongside small groups of like-minded travellers and special group tours might be arranged for singles, couples, or families.

Many Locations

Generally speaking, a tour guide may be hired for different types of holidays where the services of an expertly trained guide are required. An adventure tour can actually take place in many places on land and even at sea.

An example of a land tour would be an Amazon wildlife photography shoot in the jungles of Brazil or a walking tour around scenic areas of many European countries. Tours at sea would include the likes of going scuba diving down in underwater caves or exploring sunken ships.

Always on the Move

Adventure tour operators can provide excursions at a wide range of different countries. A number of the tours specialise in various adventure activities which are becoming increasingly popular such as hiking, biking, and walking from professional and experienced companies like http://www.walking-europe.co.uk/greece/.

  • It can be the operator or guide’s responsibility to set up an itinerary for a tour and also to arrange accommodation.
  • This may be at different locations on a long tour (sometimes even weeks)
  • Also, various modes of transportation may have to be organised along with places to dine for an extended trip.

A guide must be able to provide the right kind of equipment, provisions for eating, and ensure that all equipment is in good condition.

Making sure that everyone is Comfortable

Adventure guides usually stay at the very same location as guests to make sure that any issues which may crop up are dealt with and also to keep the travelling group on schedule.

Transportation can differ and depend on the specifics of every tour. The tour guide and guests are frequently transported by the likes of a van or minibus to an assigned location. Trailers are used for transporting bikes, camping gear, and other related equipment when necessary

Having the Required Knowledge

A well-seasoned and experienced adventure guide will be fully aware of the tour’s activity, geography and the history of any location. Also, he or she must also know about those special places that are off the well-known beaten tourist track, to add a little excitement to any adventure, as well as the often visited most renowned attractions.

  • An unforgettable adventure experience is the prime responsibility of all adventure tour guides.

To become a guide, you will need excellent people skills, be able to multi-task, and always be ready to make sure that travellers are safe.

Being in good physical shape is another priority to handle long days and activities in different environments.


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