A Quick Guide to Finding a Great Place to Stay in London


If you are planning a vacation to London anytime soon you have many options on where to stay once you are there. This guide will give you a few ideas of places to look for good deals on vacation rentals in the great city.

London has been around since Roman times; it sits on the Thames River in southeastern England. It is the most populous city in the United Kingdom and is considered one of the greatest cities in the world. The amount of things to do in London can’t be counted. Whether you are interested in the arts, fashion, sport, food or theater all if it can be found on a world-class level in London.

If you are planning a vacation there or the surrounding area here are some ideas of where to look for great deals on rentals.

A newer service that anyone looking for cheaper travel accommodations should check first would be Air BnB. You are usually renting someone’s home or apartment but the prices are very low if you aren’t looking for all of the amenities of a hotel and just need somewhere to sleep and eat in relative comfort. Always check reviews and photos of any rental you are looking for. Air BnB keeps your money in the pocket of the person who is renting you their personal home.

A good source for apartments in London for rent is a site called London Made Perfect who maintains a large supply of luxury apartments in the city for rent. Their site reads like part Tourism Office part rental site as they point you to the sites and restaurants so you can live like a local while in London.

For a more “family” experience check out the family owned travel site World Escape who can help you find the perfect London vacation rental whether it be a hostel, apartment, bed and breakfast or boutique hotel. The World Escape staff are experts in helping travelers find accommodations both in their price range and close to what the traveler wants to see and do in the city.

On the World Escape site you can also choose exactly which neighborhood you’d like to stay in. Each entry on the site shows you high quality pictures and guest reviews. World Escape is a one-stop shop for London vacation rentals.

In addition to these sites the usual travel sites will provide a plethora of options for vacation rentals, but they can sometimes be overwhelming as they provide thousands of options. Sometimes making it nearly impossible to find the rental that’s right for you.

If you aren’t into planning heavily for your trip there is a nice app for most smartphones called Hotel Tonight. All you need to do is open the app and it will show you hotels in your immediate area with rooms open for that evening, usually at a heavily discounted price. With the size and options in a metropolis like London the options will be plentiful.

Here’s hoping you are able to find a great nights rest in London. Hopefully one of these helpful sites will guide you in your search and you are able to scratch one major thing off of your to do list for your London vacation! Happy Travels!



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