The city of Lyon in France


The city of Lyon in France is a beautiful historical city with plenty of attractions for visitors. It is also an extremely cosmopolitan city with something for everyone. If you enjoy historical sites, beautiful architecture, incredible cuisine, a rich culture, nature and landscapes then this wonderful part of France will make the perfect holiday destination for you. Lyon was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago and its historical areas are protected by UNESCO. Lyon is shaped by two rivers; the Rhône at the East and the Saône at the West of the city. The city is broken up into several districts and each one has its own particular charm. The city is also famous for the Festival of Lights that happens in December every year.

Attractions in Lyon

A definite must see in Lyon is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. There are spectacular views over the city from the basilica, and the basilica itself is stunning. It is in fact two churches that are on top of each other and was built in 1884. Its architecture draws on both Romanesque and Byzantine styles, and it is possible to climb the north tower for spectacular 180 degrees views over Lyon. Another highlight is the Renaissance era Vieux Lyon district; this is the oldest part of the city and has some truly beautiful architecture. You can enjoy just strolling around the streets and traboule passageways amid the wonderful buildings. You can enjoy the many wonderful churches and the stunning St Jean cathedral. La Croix-Rousse is another part of the city that is worth exploring. It is actually a hill in the city with a long history. The Amphithéâtre des Trois Gaules Roman amphitheatre is here, and there a many remnants of the area’s silk making industry to enjoy. There also many traboules to wander down, with wonderful old buildings and churches. Musée Gadagne is a fantastic museum that is located in the Hotel Gadagne inside the St Jean quarter of the city. Here you can discover more about the cultural history of the city going back to the middle ages. If you feel like taking a break from the city life you can easily get out to the beautiful surrounding countryside and explore the wonderful French villages. There are plenty of car hire options and excellent public transport and tours to take advantage of.

Nightlife in Lyon

Lyon is known for its fantastic cultural scene. Many artists have been drawn to the city for its beauty. You can enjoy cultural events in the city, such as classical music recitals, opera, theatre and dance performances. There are also plenty of excellent restaurants in the city where you can enjoy delicious French food and fine wines. You can also party the night away at the wine bars and clubs that are scattered over the city. There can be little doubt that Lyon has much to offer visitors, and just one visit may not be enough. So if you are thinking about where to spend a holiday, why not consider the beautiful French city of Lyon?


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