Why to Choose a Local Guide in Innsbruck


Innsbruck is a wonderful city located in Northern Austria and its home to lots of awesome sights and a great place to gather some memories. From the FIS World Cup and ski jumping events to the Alpine Zoo and city tower, Innsbruck has it all. Although the city has lots of things to visit, you may just miss some by not knowing where to go and having no one to ask. So a good way in not missing some important landmarks in Innsbruck is to get a guide.

If you are traveling with an organized group and already have a guide for the group, the problem is solved. But when traveling alone or with your family, you can also hire a local private guide that can show you around and ask how many questions you would like. The advantage of a local private guide is that the guide can also wait for you at the airport and then you can use the airport taxis in Innsbruck to get you to the hotel room.

Some local private guides can wait for you until you unpack and get ready for the private tour. But let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of having a guide for a whole group and having a private guide.

Guides by groups

When having a vacation package, the package usually comes with a tour guide that will show you around the main attractions of Innsbruck. The tour guides that usually come with the package are not locals and may or may not know all the main attractions. Usually, the tour guides designated for the vacation package knows everything about Innsbruck.

The main problem with tour guides that are within the vacation package is that you will need to pay all the fees, transportation and many more apart from the guide itself. Yet another problem that you may come across is that the guide, although he comes with the vacation package, you will still need to pay him separately.

Private/Local guide

Having a private or local guide will help you fully understand the city of Innsbruck and visit almost everything in a longer period of time. It can be pricier, but at least you won’t miss anything from this awesome city. Most local guides won’t charge you for entrance fees to museums, public transportation and many more as they are authorized to walk the city and enter everywhere for free as a guide. The price you will pay for a local tour guide will have all the fees and taxes included.

They may not be professional, but as a local in Innsbruck, the guide will know everything there is to know about the city and they’re not afraid of questions and they are generally very open-minded. Some local guides even include in their price even a small break at the Sacher coffee house for you to enjoy the famous Sacher cake.

It is up to you whether if you choose a local guide or the designated guide from your travel package along with the group.


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