A New Way for Kids to Learn


If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to get them to sit still. They are incredibly curious, but they are not very amenable to sitting quietly all of the time. However, their curiosity is a virtue. Since they are so curious about the world around them, they will be open to learning. You just need to let them learn in ways that are fun for them. That often means hands-on experience, as opposed to sitting and being talked to, is a better approach to learning for children. There are many different ways to go about this. One of the newer ideas is the idea of a child-friendly city.

Child-Friendly City

A child-friendly city is an idea that has been growing in popularity. The idea is to make an artificial city, however you tailor it towards children. This means that the elements of the city will generally be smaller. For example, the streetlights are lower, the doorknobs are lower, and so on. The children will be allowed to explore many different fun and engaging concepts. Some of the most popular kids attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia allow children to explore different professions.


Exploring different professions is engaging and informative for children. They will be able to start thinking about different things they want to do for careers when they are adults from an early age. While they will likely end up in a very different field than one they pick as children, some children do find their desired career field at a young age. Whether they actually end up in that field or not, it is a great way to get kids to begin exploring different skills. Exploring different skills is important because, at a young age, so many of the skills are related.

For example, if a child pretends to be a police officer they have an opportunity to learn about authority and listening. The idea of listening to others and being authoritative without bullying are both skills that will help children be successful. These are useful life skills as well as useful skills in a classroom.

Safe Environment

A child-friendly city is also popular with parents because it provides a safe learning environment for their children. Finding a safe environment for them is not always easy. When the city is designed for children and staffed by professionals, you know your children will be safe. They’ll be able to have fun in an environment that is managed but not controlled. They don’t’ have to be told what to do but they will be kept within safe parameters. It’s a great choice for parents and kids.


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