A visit to the fascinating country of Japan promises to be a trip like no other. Some of the most interesting events to witness as tourists are the mesmerizing festivals that the Japanese celebrate. Here you will have the opportunity to see everything from flower festivals to fireworks and snow festivals. These festivals are celebrated with style and the Japanese don’t spare any cost in going all out to celebrate their unique and passionate culture.

Light Up Your Night By Witnessing the Fireworks Festival

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival is said to be one of the oldest, not to mention largest festivals in Japan. This age old custom has been celebrated since the 1700′s and remains a spectacular event in the Japanese calendar. Spectators are treated to a rainbow of colors as thousands of fireworks rocket into the night sky illuminating the river bank. If the display of fireworks is a little too hot for you, consider cooling down by visiting Japan in the winter months while the Sapporo Snow Festival is being held. Avid skiers will have the opportunity to snowboard and ski on some of the finest snow in that Tokyo has to offer. If you prefer to take in the sights, then there are plenty of ice sculptures depicting famous structures, castles and icons to feast your eyes upon.

Celebrate Nature with the Hanami Festival

The Hanami is a traditional Japanese custom that celebrates the blossoming of flowers in springtime. This magnificent event which started towards the end of the 8th century, was previously only witnessed by royalty, until the early 1600′s when all citizens where allowed to witness and celebrate the event. Another memorable place in Tokyo where visitors can view approximately 1200 cherry blossom trees coming to life is Ueno Park. The famous castle town known as Hirosaki holds the renowned Sakura Matsuri festival where spectators can view fields of cherry blossoms in action, not to mention the ultimate cherry blossom viewing spot in all of Japan, the mountain of Yoshino Yama containing around 30 000 cherry blossom trees. With all these festivals being held, a trip to Japan promises to be a sight for sore eyes.


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