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Tahiti is a beautiful place to visit, with sun and sand to allow you to enjoy a tropical vacation. However, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for your trip. By not following some simple tips for travel to Tahiti, you put yourself at risk of, at the least, not having a good time on your trip, and at worst, not being able to clear customs. In order to prevent any problems on your trip, here are some tips for travel to Tahiti to help you along.

Make Sure Your Passport Is Updated

One of the easiest tips for travel to Tahiti that you should follow, and one that should be taken care of well before you get on the plane, is to make sure your passport is current. Customs at Tahiti will require you to have a passport that is valid for up to six months past the date you arrive. So, if you find that your passport doesn’t quite cut it, get it renewed before you fly out.

Prepare For Currency Exchange

Another of the tips for travel to Tahiti that you can plan for before your trip is to ensure that you have the right currency for your trip. While credit cards are widely accepted in Tahiti, you may want to get some travelers checks ready as well. If you end up needing to make an exchange for some cash, which comes in Pacific French Francs in Tahiti, you will often get a better exchange rate on traveler’s checks.


The next of our tips for travel to Tahiti deals with the subject of tipping. This one’s pretty simple: you do not need to tip. Tipping runs against the customs of hospitality in Tahiti, so there are no gratuities expected in restaurants, the hotels, and so on. While it has grown a little more common in recent years, you should know that it is not expected, and so you do not need to tip.


One suggestion that you won’t find in these tips for Travel to Tahiti is a warning about the drinking water. Tahiti holds high health standards and makes sure that their water is as clean as you’d find in France or England. The tap water is safe to drink, and shouldn’t cause any distress. If you’re still worried about drinking the water, however, you can always purchase bottled water. So, don’t worry and relax! With these simple tips for travel to Tahiti, you’ll have the basis for a great tropical vacation.


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