Packing Light and Efficient


Planning a trip requires a game of give and take. You have your bag that has a set amount of space, and then you have what you would like to take. Often these two do not match up. The good news is that you can get by and look stylish on much fewer pieces of clothing than you think.

Mix and Match on Vacation

At home you may have a closet full of various outfits and accessories to pick and choose from. Each day you will wear an entirely different outfit from head to toe. This is great at home. But away from home you will need much less. A single pair of jeans, shorts and maybe one formal outfit, then about three shirts, two casual and one formal, should cover your clothing needs. The trick is to mix and match each day, and to pack a few accessories.

Leave This at Home

People new to travelling tend to over pack more often than not. After a few trips you learn that you do not use half the essentials you think you needed. Leave anything at home that you do not already actually use, with the exception of that sun dress or extra bikini you bought for the vacation in particular.

Keep it Simple, and Take Only What You Actually Use

Take your trusted shoes because you will be walking a lot. Take your face creams that you know you can trust, and sunscreen so a burn does not slow the fun. Do take a paperback book with you, but not too many. You may be surprised at the amount of places that offer a take-one, leave-one book stack.

Take your camera, but only the one you already know you can trust. The mantra while packing should be that you are only taking items that have already proved their worth in your day to day life. You do not want to break in a new pair of shoes or find out your new makeup makes you break out during your vacation.

Pack Like You are Putting Together a Puzzle

Many people put their clothes into their suitcase like they would a dresser drawer. This is not efficient. Pack like you are putting together a puzzle. Every item should have a specific spot.

To avoid wrinkles, roll your clothes instead of folding them. They take up less room, wrinkle less and crease less. Pack your toiletries and night cloths in a separate satchel so you do not need to carry a whole case into the bathroom, and to avoid having an entire wardrobe destroyed by leaking cosmetics.



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