Must Have Travel Gear

There are several items that can make travelling so much easier. And there are several items on the market that are truly a waste of your money. Choose wisely.

Best Rated Travel Gear

Have you heard of EDC? It is a term that refers to Every Day Carry. Each traveller should have a set of EDC that they are used to carrying before travelling.

Items that make great EDC items include a mini flashlight, a good pen, a hidden money location, a pocket knife, a pocket medication holder, a lighter and other necessities that you deem daily carry requirements. Your EDC may not be permitted on a plane but it will make your trip easier to have certain things always at hand. The trick is to get the smallest version of all your necessities as possible.

Comfort Items

An inflatable neck pillow. Yes this is cliche, but it really will make your trip better. Being able to rest anywhere at all means you can be on the go and still be refreshed. If you have more room you can upgrade to a good buckeye pillow.

Headphones and an iPod can help when you get homesick, as can photos of family and friends. No matter where you go, there is no place like home and it is common to get down occasionally on a long trip.


A portable water bottle. Keep a full travel bottle of water with you always. They come in trendy designs and can really save the day if a tour runs long or if you enter into an area with questionable water. Refill it every single time you get near a trusted water source and make sure everyone in your party stays hydrated. If you want an adventure, a water bottle may just be the most important piece of equipment. The more water you can comfortably carry the better. But do not go over board, you are on vacation after all.

A good watch. You are on vacation so why does time matter? It may matter even more than at home. Many fun things to do on vacation are scheduled, like diving lessons, dinner at sunset, wilderness tours or just meeting back up with family after a day a part. Make sure you have a good watch before you leave. Many people use cell phones in place of watches these days, but you will not have your cell in the water or on many adventures so a watch will come in handy.

Do not forget several small containers of sunscreen so you have them no matter where you are.


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