Top 5 Cities With the Highest Traffic Where Hiring a Car Isn’t a Good Idea


Renting a vehicle is really easy, especially when you do a car rental Website . It’s a comfortable way to travel especially on your holiday abroad. But not every city is the best choice for a foreigner to hire a vehicle to get around.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo has a population of more than 13 million and a couple more millions of tourists. Could you see yourself driving there? If the answer is yes, then you should also know that car rental prices are really high, the tolls are costly and the Japanese cartography is a nightmare for foreigners. Even the Japanese are sometimes confused by the Kandinsky-esque sprays of geometric shapes and arrows on the maps. You will get lost in the hopelessly convoluted road network.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is a beautiful city; that will definitely impress you. But when it comes to traffic things change. The traffic jams in this city have become so notorious that a new class of vehicles has emerged: the tuk-tuks, small enough to get around the clustered traffic.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
If you plan to travel to Santo Domingo, you would better rely on the public transportation to get around. The local drives do not really follow the rules, transforming the traffic into total chaos. Most of them, especially motorcycle, drive on either side of the road, they use no lights during the night and drive the wrong way on one-way streets. Traffic lights and stop signs are considered only suggestions and ignored most of the time. If you still plan to rent a car here make sure you take the full insurance as your credit car insurance or your home insurance might be worth nothing here. Do your best to avoid any accident, as you will spend some time in jail until they figure out whose fault it was.

Bangalore, India
You must have seen on TV how it is to drive in India. If you haven’t, you should know that it is very stressful. Everybody is honking with no apparent reason and everybody is breaking the rules. There are no lanes, so you just take every space that is available to you. If a lot of cars need to turn right, you will see that they block the entire road until they turn right. So even if you want to continue your way, you have to wait for them first to clear the road. No matter how good your driving skills might be, in Bangalore your safety depends only on the driving skills of others on the road.

San Salvador, El Salvador
Street in San Salvador is chaotic, filled with vendors and people. The streets are rarely marked and the traffic is hindered by motorcycles, old jalopies that drive really slow, pedestrians that walk inches from the lane and farmers walking with carts. You have to be careful as local drivers usually turn without indicating.


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