Pro’s and Con’s of Car Rental


Renting a car comes with its advantages and disadvantages. You can go to a car rental company’s desk and hire a car directly from them, or you can choose an online company such as Airports Car Hire and choose the car you need in advance.

There are some pro’s and con’s that you should consider before you sign the contract, and these will help you make the best choice for you.


  • When you use smaller companies, you will benefit from discounts and other attractive services. These types of companies are focused on attracting customers offering amenities, despite larger businesses which are only after the money.
  • You can choose the right vehicle for you. Whether it is a small car only for you and your partner or a large sedan for your entire family, car rental companies can offer you the perfect vehicle for you. But keep in mind that renting a smaller car will help you save some money.
  • You have the freedom to travel wherever you want without having to use the crowded trains and buses, waiting in the station and buying tickets. There are also some attractions where you can only go by car, so renting a vehicle will give you the possibility to check out all the exciting places that you have on your list.
  • You will also save money. Just imagine how much you would pay for using the taxi to travel around the city. If you did not sometimes know the taxi ride from the airport to the city is more expensive than a 3-day car rental.


  • There are quite a few of hidden taxes you should be aware of: late return fees, energy recovery fee, fuel charges, airport surcharges, mileage fees, additional driver fees, etc.
  • If your insurance or credit card does not cover the collision damage and personal liability, you will have to purchase insurance from the car rental company, and this can be quite expensive, even 389€ for a full-cover insurance.
  • If you choose the full-to-empty gas tank policy you will pay for gas more than you would at the gas pump. But if you sign to bring the car with a full tank of gas, make sure it is full. Either wise you will pay extra for all the missing gas. The best thing would be to fill the tank at the gas pump.


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