Some Great Advice on How to Have an Unforgettable Golf Holiday!


So, you’re in love with the game, been playing it for some time now and wish to book a truly memorable golfing holiday, right? But what should you do to make sure that this does indeed happen? Let’s try and find some answers:

  1. Ask around – Try talking to any friends or family who have already been on a golfing tour holiday and see what they recommend. If you don’t know anyone who has ever had the good fortune to enjoy that kind of leisure, you can then try doing some research online or contact a tour operator where you live.

If you’re looking at visiting golfing destinations in Europe, you will have a choice of up to 50 courses to choose from, but if you wish to feel comfortable, it’s not that much fun spending your money playing on a course which is either too easy or way too difficult.

  • Try to read some reviews from people who went around the courses you wish to play on to ensure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment from your golfing holiday
  1. Choose your location wisely – Do you want to stay in a hotel which is located on a golf course so that you can have great golf surroundings and golfing scenery and where you can easily stroll out onto the first tee after breakfast?

Or would you feel happier having decent restaurants and bars within walking distance and more content to drive or have transfers out to the golf courses you wish to play on?

  • If you see somewhere you like, find out if the accommodation is suitable for you and don’t just select a nice picture from some brochure or website!
  1. Travelling partners – Are you going it alone or with someone else? It so happens that the company you keep can make or break any holiday, be it golfing or otherwise! Determine who is going and how many people as there are occasionally discounts available for groups of 8 or more, with larger groups getting some extras thrown in.
  • There’s also some special offers for golfing couples, such as free spa treatments.
  1. Golfing Holiday in the Sun – One great benefit of a cool golfing holiday overseas, (apart from the superb courses), is that of the weather. Think about when you would like to go, and what kind of weather you prefer. If you’re happy playing somewhere tropical and exotic, Thailand golf tours, are becoming increasingly popular.
  • If you fancy travelling further, Europe offers some pleasant golfing throughout the winter months, in Spain and Portugal.
  1. Various Rules & Regulations – A number of courses have somewhat strict policies in place regarding players, all of which you should check before you book. Matters such as soft spikes are required in nearly all destinations these days and more than a few courses will ask to see a handicap certificate before you can play.
  • Please enjoy your golf and your holiday, and make it memorable!

PS – make sure to take your passport!


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