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Enjoying a Cayman Vacation? How to Explore Cayman Islands Underwater Beauty



Of the many pristine and beautiful spots in the world, the Cayman Islands stand out as an attractive choice for a vacation. Located in the Western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands are actually a trio of three islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.  The capital city George Town is just an hour and five minutes away from Miami, USA by flight. Besides being a British Overseas Territory, the islands are blessed with a round the year tropical climate, numerous pristine beaches, turquoise blue water, and an abundance of natural wonders.

Grand Cayman in particular offers an abundance of tourist attractions such as the Seven Mile Beach, which is often described as the best beach in Cayman and the Caribbean. You can also visit numerous other tourist attractions such as Stingray City and the turtle farm or enjoy the dining and shopping scene in bustling George Town or at urbane Camana Bay. Other land based tourist attractions include the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, and the Pedro St. James National Historic Site.

Exploring the Underwater Beauty around Cayman

There are plenty of things to do in Cayman. Nevertheless, no visit to Cayman Islands is complete without exploring the underwater beauty of Cayman Islands.  To do this, there are various options such as diving and snorkeling, and you can even take a Cayman underwater tour to explore the clear azure waters surrounding the islands and amazing sea life.

Yet perhaps the best way to explore the underwater beauty of Cayman Islands is via a Cayman Islands submarine tour. In this Cayman tour, you get to experience the thrill of riding in a real submarine to explore the crystal clear waters of Cayman’s National Marine Park up to depths of 100 feet.  These submarines are specifically designed for underwater sightseeing excursions in the spacious comfort of air conditioned cabins.  Since these cabins are maintained at sea level pressure, passengers do not experience any ear discomfort.

The diving experience is as unique as one can describe. While manoeuvring between coral reefs as well as sand flats, you can view schools of brightly coloured tropical fish, lobsters and groupers. The submarine ride ensures that you get a grand view of the magnificent underwater of the Cayman Islands.  You get a chance to encounter some of the rarest underwater species in the waters around here. Besides encountering the Southern Stingray, you come across the Electric Ray and the Yellow Stingray too.

Since the Cayman Islands are actually the flattened tops of an underwater mountain range called the the Cayman Ridge (or Cayman Rise), the drop off to the ocean floor is simply spectacular. While you dive within six feet of the famed drop off, you get to see fans, sponges, corals, and even fascinating sea worms. At around 112 feet, you can view some lionfish and on luckier days, you can even spot a giant lobster.  Many species including triggerfish, barracuda, garden eels, grouper angel fish, parrotfish and sea turtles can also be seen. Finally, take the opportunity to view shipwrecks such as the USS Kittiwake.

Does The Idea Of Night Time Exploration Fancy You?

If the idea of exploring underwater Cayman during the night time thrills you, then you can take the Cayman underwater tour at night as well. The night time sea turns into a vibrant spectacle of colours and offers more vivid views as the submarine lights up the underwater with 20,000 watts of light.  Explore the breath-taking coral reefs that surround the Cayman Islands and if you are lucky you will be able to spot some Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks as well.  Hence, if you are planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands, the underwater excursion is a must do to explore the island’s underwater beauty.

Underwater Exploration – Other Alternatives

The submarine dive is recommended for those who cannot scuba dive or snorkel but still want to explore the underwater world around Cayman Islands. There are other activities in Cayman for those who do not want to get wet yet explore the sea. Such visitors can go aboard the SeaWorld Observatory which is a specially designed boat that allows you to access a special glass viewing chamber so that you can sit up to five feet below the surface.  Alternatively, you can choose to view the ocean floor with the help of a glass bottom boat or even go ‘snuba diving’ with air supplied from a surface raft. Lastly, for those with limited swimming ability, helmet diving allows the opportunity to walk through the coral gardens amidst schools of fish.


If you are planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands, the underwater Excursion is a must do to explore the island’s underwater beauty.  Why not get back home with a lot of memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!


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