A Guide to Large Group Travel in the UK

Group Travel

We all need to travel, and on a majority of occasions, the car is the ideal solution, yet there are times when you might be part of a group who are all travelling to the same destination. It might be a business seminar, or a group of football fans who want to cheer their team when they play away, or it could be that you and your friends fancy going to see your favourite band when they play live. Whatever the reason, there is often a need for affordable group travel, and your local coach hire company would be the people to talk to.

Coach Travel

While the UK has an excellent train service, that still leaves other transportation requirements, and with 40 or 50 people, it simply isn’t an option. In a situation like this, the only answer is to hire a coach for the occasion, which will not only take you right to your destination, it will be ready and waiting when you leave. The modern VIP coaches are a pleasure to travel on, and ensure that everyone arrives fresh and ready for the event.

Versatile Service

A coach transport hire company would do their utmost to cater for your needs, which might include multiple pick up and drop off points, which is convenient for the passengers, and if you needed some advice regarding possible venues, they would be more than happy to suggest a few popular attractions. While the majority of their work would be regular commercial contracts, they are happy to provide a one off service for the general public.


When you break down the cost of group travel per head, coach hire wins every time, and this is why so many individuals and organisations use coach travel providers. They can collect your passengers at any given location, and with a door to door service, the passengers arrive refreshed, and most importantly, on time. Any event has a timeline, and punctuality is a key factor with coach travel. The driver must know the best route, how long it will take to arrive at the destination, and would likely add a little time, just to be on the safe side.

Online Solutions

Whether your needs are for a single, one off event, or you need the service weekly, an online search will bring up a list of local coach hire companies, and they would be very competitive on price, as there are many such companies, all looking for customers. They would have an online quote form, and within a few minutes of entering in your information, you would receive a provisional quote, which makes things very easy. If you compare a few prices, then you can make an informed decision, and once you have decided on a company, you can book online.

Large group travel does present logistical problems, and the best way to ensure that all the people arrive on time, is to hire a coach for the day.


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